Great job!The 12th house plays heavily in karma and past lives, it rules this area and Yes the rulers and their positions along with planets, the node positions and aspects made to all, to understand more clearly. Sole Congiunzione Lilith. I won't be able to comment more than what I wrote above or other than general aspect definitions. I am not certain if that will be the situation but I can say that we almost feel too comfy sometimes this is 5 months later. I have the square with my current bf with his Venus and my NN. Here comes the struggle, because I have come to realize (maybe thru my past lives) that I dont have to be a leader and I am very happy with just doing anything or NOTHING, that is to take the path of seclusion or to do a simple job like gardening etc but definitely not a leader in IT company.Now, I am not sure what to do. What my path should be or if I should look for someone else. The sex was out of this world between us. i've this aspect with a guy i know.We are friends but still attracted to each other.His Sun opposite to my NN,then his NN conjunct with my Venus,Mars - 2°Interesting,isn't : ), REPOSTED: ZAHARASTAR Original Response was August 2, 2013 at 8:55 AMHi Sra! I did a regression a few weeks ago that showed me I was with someone in the past and they left me and I was miserable for the rest of my life and distanced myself from everyone, especially my family. Also you are right ...he looks for life direction from me. A very stong feeling of belonging "of the same tribe". The South Nodal contacts are frequently thought of as holding the person back because in a sense you have already "been there done that", and sometimes the feeling oddly changes to frustration, or simply indifference after some time has passed or the Karma has been worked off. Thank You:) The Moon Nodes are known as the North and South Node it's not the same to have Sun conjunct Moon. It's scary but i say ride it out and see what becomes of it. Thank you:). In which the 12th North Node calling want's you tap into your more mystical, and spiritual side, relying less on logic and the details and more on the intangible, faith but also taking time out, and getting in touch with the inner you. What would it mean for one person's Sun/SN conjunction (3 minutes) to be conjunct within 3 degrees to my AC in Aries? ♐ Thanks for your great articles!Leah, If anyone else want's to share they're experience with South Node connections please do:). Lilith This is with my cousin who I haven't met since I was a baby..and just recently met her and I got this really eerie feeling that I couldn't put my finger on.. Any insight would be great!Thank you again, ~Aubrey~. The degree of your Ascendant matters to see what her 3 degrees to it means. My Mercury is 2 minutes squared her SN/Sun (our tightest aspect) and Her Mercury is 3 degrees squared my nodes. The South Node represents our past, early life or where we are comfortable and often fall back to because we are comfortable. Unfortunately, I couldn't say for sure why this might be happening I would have to see the whole picture. You also mentioned the 12th house—would someone else's 12th house or 12th house ruler in one's own chart have bearing on this? Nodo ascendente, o Nodo lunare Nord, è quello relativo al passaggio della Luna attraverso il piano dell'eclittica (orbita del Sole) da Sud verso l'emisfero Nord; Nodo discendente, o Nodo lunare Sud, è quello relativo al passaggio della Luna da Nord verso l'emisfero australe. Sole Piazza Pallade Atena. Septile Pianeti nella I casa del partner / pianeti in congiunzione con il suo Ascendente: La casa dell' ascendente rappresenta il nostro aspetto fisico e il modo in cui proiettiamo noi stessi al mondo.Quando si dispone di pianeti nella prima casa del partner, o viceversa, viene indicata una forte attrazione fisica. Does this related on this astrology placement? Also, H has her moon in Cancer with a weak opposition to R's moon/Venus. Here goes:R has Capricorn sun and Venus conjunct in 5th house. Jason I too experienced this. ♍ I had this unexplainable fear and angry towards him like I've never felt for anyone. Complesso If the Karma is good, or in your favor then you are in luck. - Sole Sestile La Parte di Fortuna. Hi Thanks for reading! And actually having your South Node in the 6th in Aquarius does not indicate that you took time out, but rather the opposite that you carry over the "Aquarian Technology knowledge" and 6th house perfectionism, attention to details, and more of a rational logical approach. Still early to feel like I already know him and there is not much to find out. Outside of general aspect by aspect description I can't really say much. I'm always drawn and feel deeply in love with most Gemini guy. From the little I could find, this is apparently a very intense EMOTIONAL attraction. Chirone Novile North Node connections are people that come into our life to help us learn new lessons. Sole var TOL; - This pairing is a strong indication of a binding tie between you. I feel that he'll contact me in future.Many unsettled business happened in this connection. Nettuno node (nōd) n. 1. a. Cancro Since it involves Venus and the Moon which is one of the most if not the most pleasant and supportive aspects two can have. Nono It is a coincidenc? Una lilith in stretta congiunzione al nodo nord di una persona cosa può indicare? When the Ascendant conjuncts the North Node or South Node in synastry, there is an immediate and powerful connection between two people. Vertex Nono - :) Past life, or early life are both applicable. If this isn't a fated relationship in the most extreme of "meant to be" ways there is no justice in the universe. We had our moons conjunct our south node. Terzo Toro When I think about an alternative, I am not able to find anything. Thanks much. The connection is intense. This is what’s keeping them happy because they have an inner need to feel at peace and to simply enjoy periods of relaxation. all this can be discovered in a past life reading where the focus is specific and deciphered through analyzing both charts and all the necessary charts. What does it mean and how does it manifest in synastry? But I still wonder if the second guy was there to help subconsciously get over the first guy or if it was an indication of a future love? My North Node Squares his North Node AND my South Node squares his South Node. hello , saturn square north node and south node whats is the meaning this aspects ? Though I just found out another conjunction...his second house Saturn conjunct my second house Mars. Generally speaking Mercury usually indicates a relationship in early childhood, youth, siblings or a neighbor ect.. mutual reception with the aspects such as mutual square reflects intellectual differences or a lesson to be learned from one another through your different perceptions, but also the double whammy says the lesson is for both of you as well as reflecting a unusual psychic connection which is usually a result of knowing one another in a past life. Dodicesima, Contracts: Marte congiunto al Nodo Sud . Saturn is the father of time, and in a conjunction with others personal planets especially Sun, Moon, Mercury or Venus it's likely a past life association to this person for better or worse. Sole Piazza Chirone. The more time you spend together the stronger the familiarity gets. Sole Sestile Vesta . 7 years ago. La Parte di Fortuna planets in each other’s 7 th house) fail to predict a couple’s future. Meanwhile the infinite and intricate byways are so much fun to explore :)After posting earlier I wanted to see if I'd had the double-whammy Mars-square-nodes connection with anyone else I know, and flew through the sixty or so charts I've compiled of family, friends, etc, searching just the nodal aspects. :)I have two questions. Simplify, simplify. Thank you for any insight. my Lilith and conj. Ariete Wow, thanks, Zahara Star! South Node Connections feel very similar to Saturn Conjunctions, that feel fated, and from the past. In astrology, the Moon's Nodes (the Dragon's Head and Tail) are not planets in the strict astronomical sense, but rather sensitive points on the ecliptic, where the pathway of the Moon crosses the course of the Sun. Leo Being mutual in the double whammy is even more potent and clearly indicates you will both feel a powerful pull to one another and will be a emotionally invested, supportive and very willing to go above and beyond for one another. Giove Sole Piazza Hera. Mentre per il Tema Natale (TN) al primo colpo d’occhio si riesce a percepire un quadro d’insieme, se pur non completo ma che caratterizza la persona, nella sinastria questa pri… : Der springende Punkt der Diskussionen besteht in dem Verhältnis zwischen geistigen Eigentumsrechten und Fragen der öffentlichen Gesundheit. document.write(TOL.getFullYear()); South Node connections are often vaguely familiar. Luna I've been wondering about aspects between myself and someone I know: his Mercury, Venus, Lilith and Juno all conjunct my SN, while my Moon, Juno and Descendant conjunct his NN. The squares in my opinion are very similar to a conjunction. We have a "double whammy" of this too. Leone. The ASC is known as the looking glass, how we experienced life through what lense. Now I'm in a happy relationship with the love of my life who has a couple of planets fringing my NN. - The attraction was likely instant. This placement which proved from the past studies is consider very lucky. Nodo nord vergine nodo sud leone. Also North and South node connections are hard to let go of, it feels like there is a purpose to the meeting, or on a similar path, something makes you want to stay in contact. Astrology feels to me like learning an incredibly complex new language as an adult, and it's great to have affirmation that I'm starting to be able to feel my way around in the dark a bit :) I've only been studying it more seriously for a couple of years, but I've been reading tarot for about fifteen years, and it feels like a natural pairing. I have question about my NN/SN placement. I thought Id try differently this time:) If it is your node that is being squared by his planet then in my experience "it is YOUR lesson to learn, if it is his node then it is his lesson.If you both listen to your lessons and stay open. At the beginning he was the love of my life, 12 years after I'm not feeling the same way. You need to work through these things this time again, perhaps the lesson is harder for the both of you because of other incompatibilities. Lovely aspect! However, it is also representative of our life purpose. Vesta Congiunzione Now that we broke up.... to be honest I feel more at ease with myself. Capricorno How's your opinion about this? Scorpione And I met him at the time I was just gettong my divorce .Can you please shed some light about this synastry pattern:) Thanks for your brilliant article:)Warm Regards,D. Margarida Bretoldo, Olga Zazuliska e Marlene Santos. The problem was I couldn't trust him no matter how much he tried to show me that he's serious about me. I have a friend, wich I have a little romantic interest and I have been seeing our synastry, and I found that my sun and mars make a square to her north node, my mercury and uranus make a sextile to her north node, my pluto conjuncts her north node... on her side, her venus makes a semi-sextile to north node, her uranus and neptune make squares to my north node and her ascendant makes a conjunct to my south node... does it mean something karmic? è una coppia astrale strana: il sole va in direzione opposta, lo stesso dicasi per altri astri importanti, come marte ad esempio. Other Node aspects: H's moon is squared to R's NN, both R and H's Plutos are conjunct each other's NN, both R and H's Neptunes are sextile to each other's NN, H's Venus is sextile R's NN and trine his SN, and R's Moon is sextile H's SN and Trine her NN. Saturno Quarto Saturno Your Moon Conjunct his North Node, you will probably meet again to find out, the North Node is of the future, or forward path. Gemelli The Nodes of the Moon represent points of personal karmic imbalance.. But, remember, it depends of the karma. Outside of the North Node is expansive and new energy, and the South Node connections are old patterns, comfortable but not as expansive, things can feel old or stagnant after time. Hello Leah, i have the experience,my moon with his south node. There is too much missing information. It all depends on each others Karma, timing, and individual natal charts for any potential blockers etc.. Hello Zahara Star,Thank you for your insight.

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