Amadeus is a play by Peter Shaffer which gives a fictional account of the lives of composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri, first performed in 1979.It was inspired by Alexander Pushkin's short 1830 play Mozart and Salieri, which Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov used in 1897 as the libretto for an opera of the same name.. which also uses rubber balls as the primary isolation mechanism. seems to be climax of the composition, as it builds up slowly with voice and violin, almost a processional as waves of deep base slowly gets stronger and stronger. On the Schroder, the arm wand is suspended using three strings on a single point. Bringing the Amadeus into my system was an eye-opener. But if it veers too much towards that direction, the lines which defines the holographic image becomes fussy and blurry. The Amadeus delivered the utmost clarity on the violin to convey the dark emotions, which prevents it from being drowned out by the chamber orchestra. Mozart is the greatest musical child prodigy who ever lived. I played and made dubwize, ragga dnb and jungle for a long time. Thank you! They also measure what they build, which is especially reassuring. I was thoroughly enjoying the review: so well written (and you made me write down a couple of albums to investigate, the Richter being the primary curiosity (I love his ‘recomposed Four Seasons’)) however I came to complete stop when you said there was a suicide in your family. This site was designed by Rocket Theme, Karen Fanas, and The SoundStage! Ultra | ( (By the way, Praise and Blame has sky rocketed in prices as soon as it went out of print, you’ll be lucky to find one at $100. Drop the arm from above the record and it floats down at a controllable rate -- just a little faster than I’d be comfortable with for an unassisted descent, but not much. Death has been all too close to my family and friends in the last 12 months and I guess your mention of it slapped me, as it should. It makes the current predicament in North America all the more sorrowful. While the WTL certainly showed up crisp recordings for what they are, it didn’t intrude on my listening pleasure, nor did it push detail down my throat. Der Film basiert auf dem erstmals 1979 aufgeführten Theaterstück Amadeus von Peter Shaffer, der auch das Drehbuch zum Film schrieb.. The easy solution is to simply rest the arm beside the armrest rather than lifting it onto it. Yet the Amadeus doesn’t veer towards the other end of the spectrum: I find my JC Verdier La Platine to have less body, and my Micro-Seiki RS5000, Kronos Sparta, and Brinkmann Bardo to have cleaner lines and a relatively analytical sound compared to the Amadeus. Ganz gleich, welchen Teil der Reisebranche Sie repräsentieren, das Portfolio von Amadeus kann den Erfolg Ihres Unternehmens nachhaltig fördern. _B. I was, Lets begin with the tonality. Eine kleine Nachtmusik, K.525: II. Fancy terminology aside, the LTD is essentially a torsional suspension tonearm where the rotating pivot is suspended in mid-air using a monofilament line. Despite the poor quality of my LP’s pressing, I was still more than happy to listen to Young’s version of “Powderfinger” and right through the whole side. They are adjustable to accommodate fine leveling. 18,99 € Weiter. This pivot would need lots of surface area, and it would be nice if it were textured in some way. Richter takes you on a journey of mourning, for humanity’s inability to live up to the universal declaration of human rights expressed through music. Thankfully the Well Tempered Amadeus doesn’t do that–in fact, quite the opposite. Once the platter is in place, it will lean on one side in the idle position, but as soon as it spins it will find the balance on its own and rotate with stability with two points of contact on the bearing. Click for full review. The Well Tempered Lab Amadeus received a stellar review in The Absolute Sound. The story seems to center around a young man watching some sort of gunship approaching his home on the river. It is adequate enough for me to enjoy the entire Pink Floyd Pulse concert without feeling the need for more oomph or dynamics. The Amadeus maintained a rock solid composure, delivering a solid bottom end usually accustomed to tables with much heavier platters. Of course, there was more to such a response than the turntable itself. Since the Fall, poet Matthew Gwathmey and composer Tristan Zaba have... been participants in our Choral Creation Lab. With its all-tube front end, I can listen for hours on end without the slightest ear strain. I’m not about to criticize that approach, that’s for sure. Golf balls and squash balls, what have I gotten myself into? That means if a more analytical sounding cartridge is thrown into the mix, the balance may tilt back to neutral. I have worked with Li on many occasions, and have written numerous reviews on his products. Amadeus & Kulprit - Down Dooby Down (unfinished) by amadeus published on 2008-10-30T00:14:06Z. By twisting a pivot where the line converges, you can adjust the azimuth of the tonearm -- while the record’s actually in play, if you’re dainty about it. I find all three to be warmer and darker than the Amadeus. . This brings a high contrast to the violins,  generating a climatic effect which sends lower bass notes across the room and allowing you to feel the harmonic decay of the piano. The equipment that I’d biased toward my reference turntable may need reevaluation. Acrylic has a very strong sonic character of its own, and I’ve never been a fan. I do have one small complaint against the Well Tempered Amadeus 254. The Amadeus’s tonearm is a near-perfect closed system. Barometric pressure affects the sound. Yesterday at 9:17 AM. Earlier versions of the tonearm actually show an entire golf ball as the pivot, but on the LTD the golf ball has been cut in half and it acts as the bottom part of the pivot which sits in a bath of silicone. The Music in the Film. The plinth is made of two 8mm thick solid aluminum which encapsulates dual multi-layered plywood. No, the bass is not as dynamic or as solid as my Micro Seiki RS5000, but this is understandable given just the platter of the RS5000 is heaver than the entire Amadeus table. Amadeus (DVD) : The life and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is viewed through the memories of an envious rival, Salieri. The LTD tonearm offers adjustments on azimuth, vertical tracking angle as well as anti-skating. Now I do other things. The really clever part is that the lower half of the golf ball is submerged in a bath of thick silicone that’s just a bit more viscous than honey. The rest is in the details. In fact, I’d say “liveliness” is one of the strongest traits of the Well Tempered Amadeus 254 turntable and the LTD tonearm. An example was Audio Physic’s Virgo 25 speaker, a pair of which just went back to the distributor. Posted on October 10, 2020 by Richard Mak in Analog // 2 Comments. Gingko Audio Cloud 14B isolation platform. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Direccion. The turntable itself is absolutely gorgeous. Auch in Deutschland und Falcos Heimat Österreich rangiert „Rock Me Amadeus” wochenlang in den Top 10. Oktober statt. You also cannot change the pivot to spindle distance. The violins had a liveliness that resembled a live performance, with just the right amount of texture and clarity which allows the listener to distinguish the fine lines within the holographic image. When you insert a round spindle in a round hole, the two parts will make actual contact at only one point. I would not hesitate to give this turntable, tonearm and combination my strongest BUY recommendation. “Chorale” seems to be climax of the composition, as it builds up slowly with voice and violin, almost a processional as waves of deep base slowly gets stronger and stronger. It is the latest culmination of a series of refinements based on a line of tables that have won many audio magazine awards in the past. Mr.Firebaugh, it seems, may have been ahead of his time. Fortunately, the LTD tonearm did not disappoint. I casted many doubts on the design and the materials employed by Well Tempered Lab. A lot of unipivot tonearms are very lively sounding, but they fall short when the musical passages become complex such as in grand orchestral symphonies, soundtracks or heavier rock or pop. Once the base plinth is leveled, the four squash balls go onto their corresponding location and the upper-level plinth is placed on top. There’s no doubt that most of the time spent developing the Amadeus went into its engineering and sound quality, and not such frippery as gloss finishes or mountains of polished acrylic. Lift the arm off its rest and you’ll feel a fair bit of resistance from the silicone damping. Ein Welterfolg und Falcos größter Hit, der selbstredend auch in „Falco – das Musical” zu hören ist. Analog is like that -- it’s hard to standardize for the huge numbers of variables that go into making a complete LP playback system. In between the two plywood layers, you’ll find four double yellow dots sandwiched in between which serve as isolation suspensions. The Well Tempered Lab Amadeus ($2850 USD) has its roots in the venerable Well Tempered Turntable of yore. Amadeus ist ein Filmdrama des Regisseurs Miloš Forman aus dem Jahr 1984, das das Leben Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarts (1756–1791) aus der Sicht des Wiener Hofkomponisten Antonio Salieri (1750–1825) zum Thema hat. 21,45 € Nur noch 1 auf Lager. I’d way rather have quality than quantity down low -- you can always get some extra bass with speaker placement, but you can’t tighten up flabby bass if that’s what’s on the recording. It sounded thin, somewhat shrill, and lacked any semblance of bass. See More. A record player works according to a set of principles wildly different from those on which other audio components are based. Tom’s voice showed excellent clarity with deep throatiness with a sense of warmth. My copy is pressed on wafer-thin colored vinyl, usually the kiss of death for sound quality. The platter is acrylic, and the plinth is made of two pieces of constrained-layer-damped MDF; each of these materials has a good, solid track record of working well in these contexts, and their resonant frequencies are well known. Fancy terminology aside, the LTD is essentially a torsional suspension tonearm where the rotating pivot is suspended in mid-air using a monofilament line. I prefer listening to LPs, and that’s the way I’ve biased my main system. I was amazed at the Well Tempered Lab Amadeus’ ability to render details and clarity amidst complexity, delivering analytical elements yet without sounding analytical, conveying the melancholic and somber mood of the recording which climaxes with deep crescendos, yet maintaining a natural and organic tonality. The Well Tempered Lab Amadeus 254 is not a new product. Of course, listening to music is an exercise in six degrees of separation, so out came Young’s own Rust Never Sleeps (LP, Reprise XHS 2295). The Amadeus 254GT houses an ingenious triangular Teflon bearing cup proprietary to Well Tempered Labs. techno music / electric dance music / industrial music / electric music His Charisma line of cartridges has earned my respect, so I took a leap of faith and pressed on with the Well Tempered Lab review. Posted by musiclab* at 1:57 PM. The owner’s manual has no mention of anti-skating, but you can increase or decrease the force, simply by increasing the twist on the strong. Should you desire more damping, simply release a setscrew on the side of the ’table and raise the damping cup so that more of the golf ball is submerged in the silicone. . Höre Musica rilassante Mozart von Various Artists auf Deezer. But according to Well Tempered Lab, the bearing shaft will be subject to one point of contact on a microscopic level despite the tight tolerances. Amadeus … JAM Music Lab University awards a scholarship to the winner of "THE VOICE" singing competition in autumn 2020 in Wiener Neustadt. Well Tempered Lab has been producing turntables since the 1970s, and knows how to skin the proverbial cat. The Virgo 25 has a crisp, detailed sound that leaves no place for a bright component to hide. Some manufacturers flounder around, trying new approaches with almost clockwork regularity, but a few grand old companies have spent years consistently churning out the same product with gradual but continual refinements. Kunden, die diesen Artikel gekauft haben, kauften auch. A change of cable or cartridge might be enough. The arm lifter rest far above a level position and the arm wand needs to be lifted by a lot in order to sit back onto the arm lifter. I still remember Gingko Audio performed a double-blind test at an audio show, and I was one of the few audiences who were able to repeatedly identify the improvements in sound when the platform was deployed. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. As I said, the general principles of analog playback are well understood, so the game plan is usually quite straightforward: add a bunch of mass to the plinth and the platter, suspend or otherwise isolate the plinth from vibrations from the outside world, find or design and build a good tonearm, and use as smooth-running a motor as possible. I threw on Miles Davis’s Filles de Kilimanjaro (LP, Columbia PC 9750), another thin, punky Canadian pressing. I still remember Gingko Audio performed a double-blind test at an audio show, and I was one of the few audiences who were able to repeatedly identify the improvements in sound when the platform was deployed. The entire tonearm assembly is supported by a central column held in place by a set screw.