Amazon is the subject of the latest Frontline documentary, which airs on PBS today at 9PM ET and is probably worth checking out if you have any interest in the tech giant. The film covers issues spanning Amazon's entire history, including prominent incidents from the last couple of months. From $2.99 to buy. There might not be too many details that'll make your jaw drop if you follow Amazon closely, but the smart, well-reported documentary packs a solid overview of Bezos and his company into a relatively short time frame. The key question that hovers over the program is the extent to which that reign needs to be reined in, with even some Amazon alumni advocating that the trillion-dollar company ought to be broken up. Frontline's "Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos" airs Feb. 18 at 8 p.m. on PBS. House Republicans meet to find a path forward amid party divisions. ), The signature moment, however, might have come in 2005 with the introduction of, Amazon built that into its own network, not merely in terms of distribution but to establish an aggressive entertainment streaming service. Amazon announced Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2021, that Jeff Bezos would step down as CEO later in the year, leaving a role he's had since founding the company nearly 30 years ago. Amazon boss Jeff Bezos to move sideways as Christmas quarter sales exceed $100bn. In a surprise announcement, Amazon on Tuesday said Bezos will step down as chief exec in the third quarter of 2021 to become executive chairman. Updated 9:26 AM ET, Tue February 18, 2020. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos demonstrates the Kindle Paperwhite in 2012. (CNN)"Alexa, should I watch Frontline's documentary about Jeff Bezos and Amazon?" Jeff Bezos will step down as Amazon's CEO. While Frontline didn't interview Bezos here, the documentary includes prescient concerns he raised in 2000 about surveillance. "I was shocked to see how predictable people are," Andreas Weigend, Amazon's former chief scientist, observes in an early interview, discussing what the data revealed about buying habits. As the mastermind behind it all, Bezos preached fanatical devotion to customer satisfaction, but also using the company's business model to amass, track and achieve a greater understanding of consumer behavior, in a way that -- especially with later initiatives -- increasingly raised privacy concerns. — Ricky Rocksteady (@RocksteadyRicky) February 2, 2021 I hope they get him a leaving present and just dump it behind his bins. The person who guided that transition into a $1.7 trillion company, Jeff Bezos, is stepping down as CEO. Jeff Bezos will step down as CEO of Amazon, the e-commerce giant announced Tuesday. What the filmmakers have effectively done is provide context in which to consider that meteoric rise -- along with the ripple effects and potential costs of its impact -- while leaving behind this lingering thought: When even the sky is no longer the limit, what does that mean for the rest of us? From the same team that was behind a 2018 Frontline examination of Facebook, Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos charts the rise of Bezos and his company from shipping books from a Washington garage in the mid-'90s through to its current status as a trillion-dollar colossus. "Do you really want cameras on every corner?" (REUTERS/Gus Ruelas), Yet that was only one of the keys to Amazon's success, which included weeding out weaker publishers -- according to insides, the analogy of leopards hunting gazelles was employed -- to extract the most favorable deals; opposing unionization by insisting it was unnecessary; and capitalizing on, among other things, the absence of sales taxes for online purchases in its zeal to keep prices low. NEW YORK (AP) — Jeff Bezos, who founded Amazon and turned into an online shopping behemoth, is stepping down as the company’s CEO, a role he’s had for nearly 30 years. Learn From The Experts - Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder. They are called “Jeff-isms” for a reason. Complaints about Amazon becoming a monopoly (and resulting scrutiny from antitrust officials) take up a chunk of the runtime, as do troubling privacy issues with the likes of Alexa, Ring and Rekognition. Twitch is perhaps the most prominent division that doesn't really come under the spotlight. "Everything that is admirable about Amazon is also something that we should fear about it," Atlantic staff writer Frank Foer tells director-correspondent James Jacoby, who wrote and reported the project with Anya Bourg. The contrast between then and now is jarring, given Amazon's expansive work in facial recognition and Ring providing police with footage and data from its cameras. A number of Amazon executives do appear in the documentary, and, as you might expect, they largely toe the company line. (Amazon employees, it's worth noting, don't acknowledge having heard the "gazelle" reference. Bezos is the oracle behind a set of principles and mechanisms that govern his company. Jeff Bezos, the CEO and founder of Amazon, announced today that he plans to step down as CEO this year. The instant recognition that question evokes is a reminder of the company's power and reach, which the PBS program artfully demonstrates in a two-hour documentary that includes interviews with a number of past and current employees. "Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos" methodically details how Bezos built Amazon into an online giant, sacrificing profits in the short term to crush competition in a way that has "come under scrutiny for their aggressive tactics and expanding power.". The two-hour film touches on various facets of Amazon's vast empire, from Alexa and its massively successful Amazon Web Services cloud division through to entertainment on Prime Video and its bricks-and-mortar retail exploits such as Whole Foods. House impeachment managers argue Trump is singularly responsible for the Capitol attack. Amazon says Bezos will be replaced in the summer by Jassy, who runs Amazon's cloud business. At the same time, Amazon's business has insinuated itself into the fabric of modern life, bringing with it extraordinary conveniences, but easily overlooked in the crush of the day to day. (Isaac Brekken/AP Images for NFL, File) Jeff Bezos is stepping down later this year as Amazon CEO, a role he’s had since founding the company nearly 30 years ago worker conditions at fulfillment centers, Amazon's grueling demands of warehouse workers, SpaceX opens Starlink satellite internet pre-orders to the public, NASA taps SpaceX to bring its Gateway station to the Moon, CD Projekt Red says it was hacked but won't pay the ransom, MIT researchers created a system that prints functional drones and robots. A pain-free departure of a visionary founder is a difficult trick to pull off for any business. An "MGM stonks movie" starring Jeff Bezos sounds very on brand for 2021. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos will step down as chief executive of the company later this year, the tech giant shared during its Q4 earnings report on Tuesday. Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos (full film) | FRONTLINE November 13, 2020 Winter Watch Business , Politics , US News , Videos 6 [16 April 2020] Pentagon: $10B Cloud Contract That Snubbed Amazon Was Legal – Amazon has asserted that the bidding was improperly influenced by President Donald Trump’s … Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994. Prime Video From $0.99 $ 0. Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos. Jimmy Fallon on Friday talked about the “weird, random” moment at a house party that he saw Amazon’s departing CEO Jeff Bezos ask “who’s your daddy?” to Alexa, the virtual voice assistant created by his company. Early employees talk about what it was like interviewing with the company's CEO in its nascent days -- he was apparently very interested in their SAT scores, for some reason. The filmmakers devote sizable segments of the documentary to matters that warrant a close look, including worker conditions at fulfillment centers, Amazon's battles with book publishers, data collection, issues with products from third-party sellers and the whole HQ2 debacle. For one thing, it looks at Amazon's tussle with the government over a major cloud computing deal. "I believe that privacy is going to be one of the most prominent issues of the 21st century," he said at the time. Footage from a House antitrust hearing held last month is included as well. Amazon claimed that President Donald Trump's "personal vendetta" against it and Bezos (supposedly stemming from critical coverage of him in Bezos' Washington Post) cost it a $10 billion Department of Defense contract. As the title suggests, the documentary profiles Bezos to a certain extent too, covering topics such as his passion for space exploration and even his complicated personal life. FILE - In this Thursday, June 6, 2019, file photo, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos speaks at the Amazon re:MARS convention, in Las Vegas. Bezos' growing media footprint also includes his acquisition of, It's easy, of course, to see a company like Amazon as a nefarious force simply by virtue of its size and Bezos'. A quarter of a century after he founded Amazon in a Seattle garage, Jeff Bezos announced this week that he is preparing to loosen his grip on the $1.7tn (£1.2tn) company. The insightful look into the tech giant airs tonight on PBS at 9PM ET. CC. Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke doesn’t expect Jeff Bezos to turn his attention to producing as he steps down as Amazon CEO — but she doesn’t rule it out either.. The questions raised by book publishers and former employees in interviews are more compelling. You may have noticed that Amazon is more than just an online bookstore these days. 3.3 out of 5 stars 13. Jeff Bezos, Amazon's founder, will step down as CEO. It's almost difficult to remember now that Amazon started as an online bookseller, before flaring out into a wide variety of products and services. (AP Photo/John Locher) (AP/AAP) Mr Bezos has been Amazon's CEO since its founding in 1995. Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world. Jeff Bezos is planning to step down as Amazon CEO by fall but will move the date up to Thursday if you upgrade to Prime shipping. Amazon said Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2021, that Bezos is stepping down as CEO later in the year, a role he's had since he founded the company nearly 30 years ago. Coronavirus restrictions on venturing out to the shops helps the e-commerce firm deliver a record performance. Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy will replace Bezos as chief executive in the third quarter of this year. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos speaks at the the Amazon re:MARS convention, Thursday, June 6, 2019, in Las Vegas. It better be included with Prime Video. Still, if you have a friend or relative who doesn't know much about Amazon but places Prime orders regularly, they might be interested to learn about how the company became so ubiquitous. What started, somewhat humbly, as an online book store, has exploded into a multi-headed beast that is worth $1.6 trillion. They air concerns on topics as varied as Amazon's grueling demands of warehouse workers and smart speaker privacy. Jeff Bezos's Life Changing Advice (Must Watch!!) Even if you are reasonably au fait with the ins and outs of Amazon, you'll probably learn a thing or two here. The $160 billion dollar man share's his greatest advice with you. 99 to rent. Amazon is the subject of the latest Frontline documentary, which airs on PBS today at 9PM ET and is probably worth checking out if you have any interest in the tech giant.