Cnut encourages him to do so tonight. Æthelred was born in about 848 and died in 871, so his sons must have been young children when he died. However, Leofric is also killed in the attack. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ("Episode 2.4"), Æthelwold, Uhtred, Ragnar, Brida, Hild, Finan, Sihtric, Steapa, and Beocca lead an army of men to Dunholm. Odda would’ve liked to see his land of Devonshire once more. Æthelwold begs for mercy, but Alfred orders Steapa to take him away. He offers Æthelwold his hand and reminds him of all they have built in Wessex. Menu. ("Episode 1.2"), Young Odda advises Æthelwold to speak to the king to ensure that he’s the successor, as some are arguing that Æthelwold is too young and foolish to lead Wessex. He wishes to send Æthelwold back to Winchester to raise a Saxon army. ("Episode 2.8"), Æthelwold approaches Edward after his training and informs him that certain Ealdormen would rather see him dead than rise to king. He holds a grudge against Alfred as a result. Though he shows considerable personal growth throughout Seasons 1 and 2, and a genuine intent to prove his worth off the royal path, both to himself and to his friends, Æthelwold is regularly tempted astray and grows more bitter and reckless as he grows older, particularly as the young Edward is groomed to become Alfred's heir which only rubs salt in Æthelwold's wounded pride. Cnut takes a spear and launches it into the chest of Sigebriht, killing him. Æthelwold reminds them that it’s their birthright to be kings. ("Episode 3.10"), As Edward declares that his father's pardon of Uhtred will stand, Æthelwold continuously argue that Edward is nothing more than an ætheling and such decisions aren’t his to make. First Appearance "The Last Kingdom" Despite his desire for the throne and growing resentment towards Alfred for inheriting it, he is very aware of his uncle's intellectual might and worth as a leader and harbours great admiration and even love for him, feelings with which he struggles as he tries to find the right path for himself. While they’re admittedly guilty, Leofric requests a fight to the death. Young Odda surmises that Alfred is in fact his successor. He tells the unidentified tag-along to lower his hood. Æthelwold spoke of an opportunity to enrage Alfred and cause division, which included killing Æthelflæd. They kill many Saxons in search of Alfred. Cnut wonders how he will do so. He is also charged with joining forces with Skorpa. To share this on Facebook click on the link below. He asks Æthelwold how it looked. Æthelwold does so reluctantly while begging to have his life spared. Alfred considers their land to be one, but Ceolwulf objects. They claim that Uhtred is inside his home and wish to take a look. Cnut reminds him that it is Uhtred who has caused their division and they need to remember their task ahead. Æthelred's wife was probably the Wulfthryth who witnessed a charter in 868. They find the north gate open and unguarded. He said that Æthelwold should be King of Wessex and that Uhtred will be crowned King of Mercia. Light Brown/Dirty Blonde The big tits, the small tits. Uhtred warns Alfred that Sigefrid and his men are near and that now is the chance to kill them all. Uhtred’s punishment is to grovel, much like Æthelwold. They bring a twice convicted thief. Stabbed in the chest by Uhtred. "Episode 1.2" Æthelwold doesn’t believe that Uhtred is the right man to guide Edward. Sigebriht agrees that Edward can’t succeed. Right now, Wessex has never been more vulnerable. Brother Asser has brought them a gift from King Peredur, of the Britons. He gives his condolences to Brida. Notice Afterward, Uhtred wonders if Finan, Æthelwold, and Clapa believe that Bjorn rising from the dead is true. Aethelwold es un personaje que a la gente le encanta odiar en The Last Kingdom, conocido por sus intrigas y traiciones contra el rey Alfred mientras mira el trono por sí mismo. But Alfred is feeling merciful. He and Bloodhair will march. Æthelwold becomes nervous and diverts the subject back to the battle and how they will have an ally in Sigebriht of Cent. Æthelwold questions why Uhtred cares. He adds that Uhtred has left Alfred’s side, making him vulnerable. Gender Realizing that tyrant he has become and the treason he has committed, Odda kills Young Odda. The Last Kingdom is a 2014 fiction history tv series based off of Bernard Cornwell's novel series "The Saxon Stories". Cause of Death What matters is that Young Odda has claimed the credit. ("Episode 3.1"), Æthelwold wishes to speak with Brother Godwin. Æthelhelm distrusts Æthelwold and sees the children as nothing more than bastards. Ragnar's death is the most hard-hitting of The Last Kingdom. Uhtred stands over Leofric’s body. And so, only one eye on will be taken. He suggests they kill him. Bloodhair and Aethelwold try to coax Uhtred into their alliance against Alfred. Æthelwold, also known as Æthelwald or Æþelwald (Old English: Æþelwald "noble ruler"; reigned c. 654–664), was a 7th-century king of East Anglia, the long-lived Anglo-Saxon kingdom which today includes the English counties of Norfolk and Suffolk. I’ve finally finished the 3rd season of The Last Kingdom. Uhtred demands that he admit to killing Ragnar. Alfred instructs the Ealdorman to begin harvesting. Æthelwold intends to kill Ragnar first. Aethelwold thought he was the rightful heir to Wessex, not Alfred, and he spends his entire life trying to gain an ounce of power that he thinks he deserves. Deceased Bjorn has a message for Uhtred. He slowly approaches him from behind and begins to draw his sword, but he sheathes his blade and offers Alfred company. He takes cover behind a tree, as Uhtred searches for him. To raise the dead, they have to send a messenger across the gulf. Æthelwold is certain that Alfred will make Uhtred tend to the matter, as he is a kingmaker, and it could pose a threat to Edward. ("Episode 1.3"), Wulfhere kicks Æthelwold awake as he sleeps in a cell. Æthelwold claims that he and Uhtred are bonded. Unbeknownst to them, Uhtred remains hidden under the floorboards. Hæsten asks Æthelwold where his Saxon army is. He assures them that Uhtred won’t win. All three of them are convinced that Bjorn’s words are true and that Uhtred is meant to be King of Mercia. He even suggests that Æthelwold lie and say that his father personally named him as his successor. Alfred is prepared for whatever may come, Beocca replies. Æthelwold finds amusement in Æthelred’s scolding and reminds him and Aldhelm that the only man capable of cleaning up this mess is Uhtred, who they’re desperately trying to blame. He demands swords and the men to carry them. This browser is supported only in Windows 10 and above. Leofric’s grave is to be marked like that of an Ealdorman. Immature and petulant, Aethelwold has led a sheltered life. He claims to have seen the corpse in Mercia. He begs for forgiveness, but the king is not amused and walks away. Portrayer The following day, the men of Wessex meet the Mercian guard on the battlefield, where they defeat the Danes and force them to retreat. Æthelwold reveals himself and explains that he merely wanted to be part of the adventure. ("Episode 1.7"), Brida, Guthrum, and Young Ragnar look to Æthelwold for intel on Alfred. Immature and petulant, Aethelwold has led a sheltered life. Æthelwold presumes the brothers are in the center. An obvious trap, but they proceed. Beyond Watling Street. Alfred makes his presence known. Uhtred then asks what Æthelwold said to Æthelred when he visited Merica. ("Episode 3.7"), Æthelwold asks how Alfred is doing. Æthelwold was King Æthelred's son and Alfred's nephew. The Last Kingdom Sezonul 3 Episodul 8 Online Subtitrat – Uhtred riscă revenirea la Wessex să-și îndeplinească jurământul lui de a Brida. In return for their help, he will pay them 400 pieces of silver. Aelswith's Mercian roots came to life in her redemption during … He then asks about Uhtred’s stance. Appeared in Very little is known of Æthelwold's immediate family. Character Based on a Real Historical Figure,Æthelwold?oldid=19986, This character has been based on a real historical figure of, Æthelwold was a noble; he was born a prince of. However, Æthelwold knows that Uhtred will make it out, as he always does. He admits to being in Cornwalum with Uhtred. Æthelwold is a complex character, self-serving but self-loathing and able to display ridiculous, almost comical self-importance as well as acute and candid self-awareness. After King Æthelred was mortally wounded in battle, the Witan chooses Alfred … Æthelwold agrees that it should be put into God’s hands. Male As they're leaving Odd's estate, they cross paths with Skorpa, and Uhtred tells him that the truce is off. Alfred now wants for word to be sent that he is king and will fight alongside the sword of Wessex. ("Episode 2.7"), Odda gets drunk in the courtyard. Hair Once Guthrum is alone, Æthelwold approaches him as the rightful King of Wessex. Æthelred refers to his son as an embarrassment and an unsuitable heir. He plots with Sigebriht to pay a visit to Beocca’s house. 4. Hæsten shoves a harp string down his mouth to build a bridge from their world to Bjorn’s. Deceased Odda explains that he’s done what he had to for Wessex. Cnut helps Æthelwold up and agrees that they shouldn’t have allowed Uhtred to leave. The Last Kingdom is an Anglo-Saxon series on Netflix, and it follows the conflict between the Saxons and the Danes during the attempt to unify England as one country. Brida rushes to inform Ragnar but discovers him dead in his tent. However, Uhtred owes Æthelwold and tells him to come along. They brought him into their trust and told him their plans. He tells Æthelwold that the time may come when he needs his help. Harry McEntire Status Suddenly, more men start to appear. However, Odda, who knows this to be false, makes his presence known and informs Æthelwold that the king bequeathed his crown to Alfred. What is the plot of The Last Kingdom season four?. ("Episode 1.8"), Winchester, Wessex; Æthelwold attends a Witan in Winchester. Alfred wants it known that God, Alfred and the Ealdormen of Wessex are watching them. If Edward dies, Æthelwold claims the throne and Sigebriht earns riches. Alfred grants Leofric’s request. It had a little bit of everything. Æthelwold goes to see why they’d do such a thing. Despite Ragnar’s death, Cnut wants to go on. Episodes; Characters; Videos; Where to Watch; About; Aethelwold. He surmises that the real reason Beocca came was to ask that Uhtred save her.