Yao était l'ami de Wan, qui possédait des qualités d'arbre après qu'un esprit l'ait possédé, faisant de lui un paria social. Bella Yao (real name: 姚贝娜 / Yáo Bèi-Nà) was a Chinese singer. Ling Yao, also spelled asLin Yao, is the twelfth crown prince of the eastern nation ofXingand the liege of the Yao clan. Seeking a way to ensure his path to the throne amidst deadly inter-house competition, Ling has ventured from Xing toAmestrisin order to divine the secret of immortality - thePhilosopher's Stone. At the start of the first film, the trio are recruits in Li Shang's troops at training camp to prepare China from the upcoming war against the Yao is a Classic figure part of the Mulan collection. Il a été l'une des premières personnes au monde à quitter volontairement la sécurité d'une ville de tortues-lions pour les dangers des Terres Sauvages. "What are you lookin' at?" Escritor(es) Rick Jaffa Amanda Silver Elizabeth Martin Lauren Hayneck Compositor(es) Harry Gregson-Williams Cinematografía Mandy Walker Editor(es) David Coulson Estudio(s) Walt Disney Pictures Distribuidor(es) Walt Disney Demetria Devonne «Demi» Lovato; 1992 çулхи çурлан 20-мĕшĕ, Даллас, АПШ) — американ актриси тата юрăçĕ. Add a photo to this gallery Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She participated in Chinese Young Singer Championship in 2008 and won the champion of the pop singing group. Yao is a Hero in Shan Yu's Fate deck. Images of Yao, Ling, and Chien Po from Mulan. Mulan ist der 36. abendfüllende Zeichentrickfilm der Walt-Disney-Studios und erschien im Jahr 1998. Yao est un personnage de l'univers Mulan. Yao is the short member with a hot temper. She was voiced by Sandy Duncan. M. Yao était un homme âgé qui travaillait au marché dans un petit village de la Nation du Feu. By working together, they fought bravely against Shan Yu anthe Huns and saved the Emperor. 3 is a Direct-to-DVD and Sequel to Disney Princess: Christmas Storie Mulan's Perfect Christmas Mulan and Shang are celebrating their first Christmas together Cast Mulan Mushu Shang Cri-Kee Little Brother Grandmother Su Mei Ting-Ting Chien-Po Fa Zhou Yao Ling Fa Li Emperor Belle's Christmas Play Belle, Beast and the Servants planned a … Yao Beina (simplified Chinese: 姚贝娜; traditional Chinese: 姚貝娜; pinyin: Yáo Bèinà; 26 September 1981 – 16 January 2015), also known as Bella Yao, was a Chinese singer. This article is about the 2020 live-action film. Concubine Yao is a Mulan figure with a Rare rarity. Yao is a soldier in the Chinese Army. It is a sequel to the 1998 theatrically-released Disney animated film Mulan, featuring songs by Jeanine Tesori and Alexa Junge.. 1 Background 1.1 Yao (阿堯) 1.2 Ling (阿寧) 1.3 Chien-Po (金寶) 2 Appearances 2.1 Mulan 2.2 Mulan II 3 Trivia According to commentary on the Mulan DVD, these three essentially represent the entire Chinese Army. In the animated movie in 1998, she is the 8th Disney Princess in the official lineup. Mulan II is a 2004 American direct-to-video animated musical adventure film directed by Darrell Rooney and Lynne Southerland. Fa Mulan, referred to as Ping in the army, is the main protagonist and title character of Disney's 1998 animated feature Mulan, and its 2004 direct-to-video sequel, Mulan II. For the 1998 film of the same name, see Mulan. Mulan quickly makes an enemy of the lanky, high voiced soldier when (upon Mushu's advice) she slaps Ling's friend Yao on the backside to say hello. She was known as the singer of the theme songs of Empresses in the Palace , … This angers Yao and he threatens to fight Mulan. Fa Mulan (花木蘭) is the titular protagonist of Disney's 36th full-length animated feature film of the same name and its sequel, and its 2020 remake and later making a cameo in the Sofia the First series and Wreck-it Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet. Yao a été appelé pour repousser l'invasion de la Chine par les Huns. 1 Promotional 2 Screenshots 2.1 Mulan 2.2 Mulan II 2.3 House of Mouse 3 Video games 3.1 Kingdom Hearts II 4 Stock Art Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a Yao en Mulan (1998) Yao hizo su primera aparición en 1998, con la película animada de Disney Mulán. 2020 erschien mit dem Realfilm Mulan eine Neuadaption. 1 He played Farouk, the Apple Seller in Anarioladdin 2 He played The King of Hearts in Anna in Wonderland 3 He played the Sheriff of Nottingham in Kristoff Hood 4 He played Banzai in The Robinson King 5 He played Jafar in Barryladdin 6 He played Captain Hook in Tyler Pan 7 He played Gaston in Beauty and the Aardvark 8 He played The King in Janerella 9 He played Shere Khan in The Hero … She falls in love with Yao. Yao, Ling, and Chien Po are three friends and comrades in the Chinese Imperial Army: Yao is the short one with the black eye, always ready for battle; Ling is the skinny, good-humored one; and Chien Po is the big one, always looking for his next meal. - Yao's first words to Mulan Yao is the self-appointed leader of the trio. Like Ling and Chien Po, he can move one of Shan Yu's Huns from adjacent locations to his. Yao kan verwijzen naar: Yao (Tsjaad), een plaats in Tsjaad Yao (Osaka), een stad in de prefectuur Osaka, Japan. Vixey is a beautiful vixen, the mate of Todand the tritagonist in the first The Fox and the Hound film. Disney Princess Media: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs | Cinderella | Cinderella II: Dreams Come True | Cinderella III: A Twist in Time | Sleeping Beauty | The Cet article concerne Yao du village de Hama dans Avatar, Le Dernier Maître de l'Air. Wiki Disneycrossyroad est une communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la catégorie Jeux vidéo. Big Mama comes looking for Tod, and finds Vixey, a vixen of Tod's age, who is clearly good friends with Big Mama. Disney Princess: Christmas Stories vol. His signature color is red in the first film and purple in the second film. D&D Beyond Ling appears in the Disney movies Mulan and Mulan II. Vixey remarks that he looks downhearted, and Big Mama tells her that "he was dropped out here all alone without a friend in the world". Yao, Ling and Chien Po are a trio of soldiers met in Pooh's Adventures of Mulan. Er basiert frei auf Motiven der chinesischen Ballade von Hua Mulan. Yao, Chien-Po, and Ling are from the original Disney movie Mulan and its sequel, Mulan II. Add a photo to this gallery Mulan is an action drama film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Yao era uno se los soldado reclutados, al comienzo se le ve una persona abusiva pero gracias a las ordenes de Li Shang este empezó a cambiar un poco haciéndose amigo de … Mulan meets Ling when she goes to the army camp run by Captain Li Shang. They are good friends with Mulan and Captain Li Shang, fighting alongside them against Maleficent and her minions in Disney Heroes vs Villains. Yao adds no Difference to the Mulan world Yao can be won from thePrize Machinefor 100coins, won from thePixel Prize Machinefor 500pixels, or purchased for $0.99 Деметрия Девонн «Деми» Ловато (акăл. 1 Cast 2 Scenes 3 Gallery 4 Transcript 5 See Also Mulan - Silver (The Angry Birds Movie 2) Mulan as Ping - Junior (Storks) Shang - Red (The Angry Birds Movie) Mushu - Mr. Krabs (SpongeBob SquarePants) Cri Kee - Mel (Despicable Me 3) Little Brother - Kyle (Despicable Me) Khan - Herbie (The Love Bug) Shan Yu - Dag (Barnyard) The Falcon - Polito (Despicable Me 2) Yao - Patrick Star … 1 Appearance 2 Behavior During Gameplay 3 How to Unlock 4 Gallery Yao is a short warrior wearing maroon-light brown and black armour. Il est toujours à se vanter de sa force - difficile à croire à voir son œil au beurre noir. She participated in Chinese Young Singer Championship in 2008 and won the champion of the pop singing group. While Mulan was diguising herself as Ping, they didn't like her that often and bullied her often, but after finishing training, they became friends. Star Wars Gaming New and Old, Mods, Playthroughs, Gameplay, Ai battles and more Mei is the middle princess of China. He falls in love with princess Mei. An arrogant and short-tempered individual with a bit of a Napoleon complex, he is short, stocky and has a permanent black eye. 1 Background 1.1 Yao 1.2 Ling 1.3 Chien-Po 2 Aparições 2.1 Mulan 2.2 Mulan 2 2.3 O Point do Mickey 2.4 Kingdom Hearts II 3 Parques da Disney 4 Trivialidades De acordo com o comentário do DVD de Mulan, estes três representam essencialmente todo o exército chinês. Concubine Yao wears a red dress, has white powder on his face, and has a tied up red hair ribbon. Yao, Ling, and Chien Po are three soldiers in the Chinese Army and supporting characters in Disney's 1998 animated feature film Mulan and its sequel Mulan II. Ce qu'il serait probablement capable de faire s'il n'avait pas autant la grosse tête. Pour le personnage aux caractéristiques arborescentes dans La Légende de Korra, voir Yao. Walt Disney - インターネット・ムービー・データベース (英語) ウォルト・ディズニー:世界でもっとも成功したアニメスタジオ - ウェイバックマシン (2016年11月2日アーカイブ分) - ジャンナルベルト・ベンダッツィ著『カートゥーン:アニメーション100年史』第6章。 For the character, see Fa Mulan. Yao, Ling e Chien Po são três soldados do exército chinês no filme Mulan e em sua continuação. Disney Princess Media: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs | Cinderella | Cinderella II: Dreams Come True | Cinderella III: A Twist in Time | Sleeping Beauty | The Little he has a navy coloured helmet and a black eye. La rumeur autour de la ville était qu'il avait un léger intérêt romantique pour Hama.