If I had known what I know now, I would have bought the vehicle about year ago instead of waiting. I can't say enough good things about Wes. 2019. TESLA%20Model%203%20Model%203%20Standard%20RWD%20Plus%20(elettrico) Suburban Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Farmington Hills, Vroom - Get It Delivered Nationwide, Contact-Free. ... TESLA Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor AWD. Probably getting second Tesla in our household would not be that beneficial because it would provide fuel savings only on those remaining 5,000miles/annually. This car is truly a dream come true because I didn't think I'd own such a high-performing car that is truly a good 5-10 years ahead of the competition. Less than 1 week later, the car was in my driveway. Commuting, long road trips across Texas on autopilot, spirited rides on curvy country roads, the Model 3 handles all situations impressively. If you live in place where gasoline is more expensive or electricity cheaper than you can save even more. 2019 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus Review, My model 3 is excellent it feels like a reliable car Just like the old gasoline car it replaced. I have owned exotic cars such as Porsche 911's and am familiar with acceleration. The one area where I have been a little disappointed is in the noise level at 75 mph or above. Venduta da concessionaria BURGIO CARRI SRL. Once you go Tesla there is no coming back. The handling is intuitive and sharp. Most awesome fun to drive car I've ever had! We sat down with Wes and went over what I was looking for as well as the things I was willing to compromise on. We drove up to MI and picked up the new car on December 23. You can only compare up to 4 cars at a time. TESLA Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor AWD Véhicule Suisse Options : Autopilot Convenience Features, Jantes Alu 19p, Toit Panoramique, PDC + Camera, Peinture métal, Etc 06.2019 5'300 km … 14641578] Questa vettura è visibile su www.AUTOBASELLI.it dove troverete oltre 70 foto in alta definizione che si ingrandiscono a pieno schermo computer per ogni vettura pubblicata + descrizione completissima + servizi offerti ai clienti web.No... DEK:[4213870] Id: (1217652) // // // // La dotazione tecnica e gli optionals potrebbero in alcuni casi differire dall'effettivo equipaggiamento della vettura. The old gasoline car is driven only 5,000 miles/annually. Great acceleration and quiet ride. It makes my commute so much more enjoyable. Over the air updates keep the car feeling fresh, new, and exciting. manutenzione ordinaria e straordinaria assicurazione full kasco / inf. 6,572 listings starting at $11,900, 1,060 Great Deals out of TESLA Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor AWD. Quindi, una volta per tutte: la Tesla Model 3 NON costerà 30.000 euro. Consegna in tutta italia inclusa tutto incluso spese di immatricolazione del veicolo tassa di proprieta' assicurazione completa casko full manutenzione ordinaria e straordinaria sostituzione pneumatici sia estivi che invernali (opzionale) auto sos... [Rif. It's hard to overstate how much of a difference it is to drive a Model 3 when compared to a gas-powered car. Most enjoyable and comfortable car I've had. TESLA Model 3 usata in vendita. Don't even get me started on mobile service. Offerta disponibile per un limitato numero di veicoli, TESLA Model 3 Pronta Consegna Pochissime Vetture Rimaste, Richiedi il tuo preventivo personalizzato anche con anticipo 0. Light Weight. 12. The other person uses our backup gasoline car. I never write reviews, but felt compelled to write one for this car. Allestimento-kWh/100 km - Cambio. Prezzo al pubblico: € 19.000; Marca TESLA; Modello Model S; Codice 8; Data di inserimento 16 dicembre 2020; 34.500 Km; Anno 2/2019; KW/CV 306 Alimentazione Elettrica; Versione Model 3; Tipo di contratto Vendita Carrozzeria 4/5 porte The Tesla Model 3 is truly a revolution. Log In. We’ve supercharged on road trips a few times and it couldn’t be easier. If not for Wes making the whole experience fun, I'm not sure we would have made the deal (driving from VA to MI with three dogs in a too small car isn't fun!). Attendi. It's about one quarter the price of gas and the only regular service costs are tire rotation. Oh boy, we were so wrong!!! Front seat comfort is the best of any sedan I have sat in. Il confronto psicologico con la Tesla Model S. Per anni (in realtà fin dall’inizio), Tesla ha parlato o inizialmente alluso al famoso modello “più economicamente raggiungibile”: la Tesla Model 3. Other automakers need to copy Tesla or be left in the dust. With our electricity ($0.10/kwh) and gasoline ($3.50/gallon) prices those extra 10,000 miles/annually shifted away from 28mpg gasoline car mean another extra $1,000/annually in fuel savings. Ottimo prezzo. Brescia (BS) 26 gen alle 17:33. Please unsave some if you wish to save others. The car is better than any other vehicle I've owned by orders of magnitude -- it's just a world of difference for the better. Si declina ogni responsabilita' per eventuali involontarie incongruenze che non rappresent... Pronta consegna! Interior was perfectly detailed and cleaned. It's quiet. Save $7,278 on a 2019 Tesla Model 3 near you. But getting at least one Tesla in household is a no-brainer. Good price, low mileage, clean history report. più completo con le quotazioni Eurotax gratuite aggiornate mensilmente e divise per chi vende o per chi compra. Always pick the Tesla. Best. optionals: vetri posteriori e lunotto oscurati (420,00 euro) pad per ricarica wirel... DEK:[4556456] PRIVACAR(TM) è un franchising con 29 sedi in Italia che sta rivoluzionando il settore delle vendite tra privati, portando fiducia e sicurezza nel mercato dell'usato. In produzione dal 2017, la Tesla Model 3 è disponibile in tre varianti: Standard, Long e Performance Range. The service manager Shawn Leline contacted me by phone and with no question ask, he reimburse me for the turbo hose and bought a brand new grille for my van. Non è dato sapere se l'auto sia … Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor AWD OFFERTA VALIDA FINO A ESAURIMENTO SCORTE! Fully loaded. Jason Fenske, the host of popular YouTube channel Engineering Explained, has a Tesla Model 3 Performance.It's important to note it's not the refreshed 2021 Model 3 … Not happy at all and of course they won't do anything about it. 2. when going on 1,000+ mile road-trips we always go in Tesla. I also think some options like basic paint choices are overpriced, but those are minor nits in the overall scheme. A few days later I got an email--Wes found *exactly* the car I wanted! Despite his off the field antics, Must is a genius! UNA TESLA USATA (MALE) IN VENDITA Questo esemplare di Model 3 risale al 2018 e ha poco meno di 11.000 km. Never in gasoline car. Avere una Tesla è un sogno di tanti, ma in pochi possono spendere circa 48mila euro per una Model 3 o 93mila per una Model X.E usata? Pronta Consegna! 1. whoever needs to drive the most a given day gets the Tesla. 3,909 listings starting at $21,595, 158 Great Deals out of The ordering/delivery process was also 110% better than the traditional penal colony treatment of a franchised dealer. Sai quanto spendi per il costo dell'auto, senza dover immobilizzare il capitale iniziale e preoccuparti della svalutazione dell'auto. The acceleration, braking, and handling performance is incredible. Shop Tesla Model 3 vehicles for sale in Farmington, MI at Cars.com. After this experience, when we change our other vehicle our for or next car it will absolutely be for an electric as well just based upon the superior performance and convenience and as such will almost certainly be another Tesla. I had researched the Model 3 beyond what any human should -- literally for the last year and a half (yes, I am one of those people). I love the instant torque rush you experience at on ramps. I will focus on economics of this car because it is mind blowing how much you can save by buying a single Tesla Model 3 in your household. Best financial decision I have ever made. I have been looking to buy a plug in or full electric for a few months now, and spent alot of time test driving what is out there. Tesla Model 3 auto di seconda mano a . He made the whole process so fun! When there are issues with the vehicle it's hard to get any help and I don't like to surf the web for answers just want an easy car to drive. The car I wanted wasn't available then but I told Wes that if he could dealer trade for the right car, we would drive back to MI for Christmas to get the car. Wes' energy was contagious! When we estimated our fuel savings by going electric we made assumption that our Tesla Model 3 will be driven 15,000 miles/annually. If you buy one, be sure to give an hour+ with the person delivering it to explain how it works. Enter: Wes! He genuinely wanted to help and was completely wonderful from beginning to end. Sorry, you've saved the maximum amount of favorites for your account. Research, compare and save listings, or contact sellers directly from 5 Model 3 models in Farmington. If I had to pick a couple cons, I'd say the driver's seat isn't 100% comfortable for the big and tall and neither is ingress/egress, but it is a sedan and they all basically are hampered in that regard. Thank you. 73 Tesla Model 3 auto usate in vendita a partire da 599. They mentioned reliability issues, poor fit and finish and a variety of electronic quirks, etc. Consulta il listino prezzi Model 3 2021 con versioni, allestimenti e caratteristiche tecniche. Blows away any other vehicle I’ve ever owned. Condividi venduto. Save cars. I just wasn't willing to take that chance. All rights reserved. Marktplaats B.V. - P.IVA 803.603.307.B.01. It is so much fun to drive! I am spending less than 20% on electricity compared to what I used to spend on gas. Access them anywhere. So much fun and a beautiful ride. We stick to these principles: This is by far my favorite car I've ever owned because of the way it handles and how fun it feels to drive. Di recente, la fabbrica … The model 3 is comfortable but the range is very unpredictable. Parma (PR) Oggi alle 03:22. Compra un'auto usata. Successivamente è stata la volta della S, prodotta e distribuita negli USA con grande successo già dalle prime unità disponibili. Can you guess the end result by sticking to those principles? Cara. Brescia (BS) 31 gen alle 03:46. The tech, infotainment, and App functionality are unmatched. Saves money in the long run. I hope Elon Musk will fix this issues. Car claims 300miles range and Ionly get 1/2 of it(150miles) if its warm! The car is remarkable. Amazing Performance, Technology, and Value. Gas cars look ancient with all their needs and requirements. I highly recommend it. Si tratta di una grintosa berlina a quattro porte, dalle linee affusolate e aerodinamiche: il tetto (in cristallo) forma un arco perfetto e nel frontale non c'è alcuna mascherina (cosa che lo rende un po' impersonale). So our total household needs are to drive 30,000 miles annually. You can manage your searches in your profile. It is brand new, so we need some time with it, but initial reactions are quite positive. Oh, and AutoPilot, while not perfect, is a glimpse of the future that is always improving. See our terms of service for more details. Molto cara. The level of performance, handling, technology, and the overall experience leaves me smiling every single time I drive it. Over the course of a few months, I talked to at least 50 different Model 3 owners. The car came in immaculate condition, no paint chips, no scratches. The acceleration is responsive and mind-blowing. Anticipo di 5000? But Tesla customer service from sales to finance needs to be more trained in company polices out of 10 questions 7 they didn’t have an answer I bought my car with tons of unanswered questions 14016404] Prezzo Listino 69.450 Performance Accelleration Booster 0-100 km/ in 3,9 secondi. TESLA usata in vendita. My most recent cars have been BMW's and AUDI's and they've been great, however, this feels like a very difference experience. Il veicolo Roadstar, primo a giungere sul mercato, ricalca lo stile e le linee delle autovetture di casa Lotus, a cui Tesla è legata da accordi strategici e produttivi. Quiet, powerful and unbelievably smooth. Tesla Model 3 usato 2019: trova tra annunci e offerte di Tesla Model 3 usato su Annunci alVolante.it. Great in certain situations and driving conditions, not so much in others. This Is very sad Durata 48 mesi Km inclusi 40000km Servizi inclusi: Copertura assicurativa completa Tassa di proprietà inclusa Manutenzione Consegna dell'... [Rif. This is the future. This truly feels like a car from the future. i.e. I have 12,000 miles on the car now and love it as much as when I first bought it. After ordering, owning, driving, and servicing a Tesla, everything else feels like a horse and buggy. vettura immatricolata 2020 ufficiale italiana. This turned out to be a great experience and proof that there is stiff few people who keep their words. If it isn't clear already, I'm pretty OCD and very particular, and I can say my car came in perfect condition -- it is well built, rock solid and no rattles, squeaks or other noises. MONOPATTINO ELETTRICO e WALLBOX TESLA IN REGALO nella combinazione 10,000KM/anno 36 Mesi Anticipo 4880€ Promo Let's Move Leaseplan L... Scegliendo il noleggio potrai godere di vantaggi economici, operativi e gestionali. So if you're considering a Model 3 - don't think, go out and try one. They said that that full charge would cost me approx. Assicurazione Rca, Assicurazione Kasko, Assicurazione I/F, Traino e soccorso stradale. It will take a while to understand all of the technology within the large touch screen, but the way the car drives, accelerates, handles is crazy. A clip posted to YouTube shows the view from a Tesla Model 3 as a Dodge Challenger chases the all-electric sedan. You feel like you are driving the future whenever you get in. We analyze millions of used cars daily. Awesome job. PREZZI VALUTATI da AutoUncle 78 Tesla Model 3 usate valutate da AutoUncle Raccolte da oltre 446 siti Valutazioni obiettive dal 2010 The technology within this car is 10x any other car I have ever owned. I happen to live about a mile away from a very active Tesla Supercharger, so I decided I'd talk to owners directly to find out what they liked and didn't like about their cars. Like the folks I talked with at the Superchargers, I find the car amazing and haven't had a single issue with it. Find your perfect car with Edmunds expert reviews, car comparisons, and pricing tools. Servizi inclusi : Copertura RCA, Assistenza stradale, Servizio copertura incendio e furto, Servizio rip... - assicurazione Rca, - assicurazione infortuni conducente (pai), - polizza Kasko, - assicurazione furto e incendio, - manutenzione ordinaria e straordinaria, - tassa di proprietà, - assistenza e soccorso stradale h24, - optional inclusi. To be complete, I do feel the backseat is slightly smaller than ideal and the car came delivered with a couple paint chips.