Try giving your dog Glyde Mobility Chews to help them see you as a provider and to keep their joints healthy! He is energetic and enthusiastic in everything he does and remains on alert, even in repose. You may also want to ask if your shelter or rescue has information about the physical health of your potential pup's parents and other relatives. Dogs who are highly sensitive, independent thinking, or assertive may be harder for a first-time dog parent to manage. Stubborn and sometimes headstrong, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is inclined to test for position in the family pecking order. The breed’s ancestors were bred primarily for the blood sports of dog fighting and rat-baiting. See below for full list of dog breed traits and facts about Staffordshire Bull Terriers! STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER ORIGINE: Gran Bretagna DATA DI PUBBLICAZIONE DELLO STANDARD ORIGINALE VIGENTE: 24.06.1987 UTILIZZAZIONE:Terrier CLASSIFICAZIONE F.C.I. This breed's temperament is described as tough, courageous, tenacious (read: stubborn), and curious. Login / Register. Do you live in housing with noise restrictions? He can be rambunctious and may accidentally knock small children down. Because he may be aggressive toward unknown dogs, a Stafford should never be walked off leash. Contrary to popular belief, small size doesn't necessarily an apartment dog make. If you're new to dog parenting, take a look at 101 Dog Tricks and read up on how to train your dog! Keep your SBT in good shape by measuring his food and feeding him twice a day rather than leaving food out all the time. A crate also gives him a safe haven where he can retreat when he's feeling overwhelmed or tired. The mites live in hair follicles and usually don't cause any problems, but dogs with weakened or compromised immune systems can develop a condition called demodectic mange. Be aware that some municipalities restrict the ownership of bull breeds. All rights reserved. **All dogs are individuals. Classifieds. Demodectic Mange: All dogs carry demodex mites. Many health problems are related to digestion and issues in the gut. Temperament is affected by a number of factors, including heredity, training, and socialization. Many larger dogs are prone to joint issues. You may also want to consider adopting a senior dog, as they tend to be less demanding of your time and energy. He sees life as a joyful adventure and lives it to the fullest. Staffordshire Bull Terriers in England: Northstaff (Durham, England) Northstaff is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier kennel located in Durham, England. In the localized form, patches of red, scaly skin with hair loss appears on the head, neck and forelegs. De gør sjældent. Treats can help the bonding process go more smoothly. So are breeds with short noses, like Bulldogs or Pugs, since they can't pant as well to cool themselves off. The dog develops patchy skin, bald spots, and skin infections all over the body. Inviting visitors over regularly, and taking him to busy parks, stores that allow dogs, and on leisurely strolls to meet neighbors will also help him polish his social skills. Staffords are an active, high energy breed with a high prey drive (the instinct to chase, catch, kill), a strong predisposition towards dog aggression, and an “I’m the King of the World” attitude. Adding Bernie's Perfect Poop digestion support treats to your dog's routine can help your pet feel better and improve their overall health! 1 - 24 of 114 ads. Always supervise interactions between children and dogs. Here are some great treats that can actually improve your dog's digestion to get you started! Dogs who lived with their littermates and mother until at least six to eight weeks of age and who spent lots of time playing with other dogs during puppyhood, are more likely to have good canine social skills. Staffordshire Bull Terriers do not handle heat very well and need to be monitored on hot days to ensure that they don't overheat. Health guarantee and meal planning / raw diet 1 left Boys $3700 girls $3500Perferred homes. Pets & Animals. For best results, be patient, firm, and consistent to develop the strongest bond with your Stafford. Breeds that were originally used for bird hunting, on the other hand, generally won't chase, but you'll probably have a hard time getting their attention when there are birds flying by. The cheapest offer starts at £20. Puppies come health certified and first vaccines and dewormed. Never buy a Stafford from a puppy mill, a pet store, or a breeder who doesn't provide health clearances or guarantees. X-ray screening for hip dysplasia is done by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or the University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program (PennHIP). The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is rugged, energetic, and impulsive. No matter what the breed or breed type, all dogs have strong jaws, sharp pointy teeth, and may bite in stressful circumstances. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are generally healthy, but like all breeds, they can be subject to certain health conditions. Young children and dogs of any breed should always be supervised by an adult and never left alone together, period. If you're adopting a puppy, it's a good idea to find out which genetic illnesses are common to the breed you're interested in. Not all SBTs will get any or all of these diseases, but it's important to be aware of them if you're considering this breed. If you're considering a watchdog, will a city full of suspicious "strangers" put your pup on permanent alert? This breed will entertain you with his snorts, snores, grunts, and groans, as well as his singing voice, often described as a yodel. High-energy dogs are always ready and waiting for action. Regular training practice and social interaction will help ensure that you live together happily. The first Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club was formed in England in 1835, and a breed standard was written shortly thereafter. Elbow Dysplasia: This is a heritable condition that is thought to be caused by different growth rates of the three bones that make up the dog's elbow, causing joint laxity. Il prezzo di un cucciolo di razza American Staffordshire Terrier, testato e dotato di pedigree si attesta tra i 800 e 1.200. Mouthy breeds tend to really enjoy a game of fetch, as well as a good chew on a toy that's been stuffed with kibble and treats. Ci sono numerose offerte di Bull Terrier tigrato in adozione da allevamenti, negozi, canili, privati, fra le quali trovare quella ideale per te. This breed has little odor, so he usually doesn't require frequent bathing. Patellar Luxation: This common problem occurs when the patella, which has three parts — the femur (thigh bone), patella (knee cap), and tibia (calf) — is not properly lined up and often slips out of place, causing the dog to skip or hop when it happens. Many are interested in the breed because it looks like a tough dog but are surprised to learn that the Stafford is a sensitive and loving companion who enjoys playing more than being tough. You may want to consider adopting an older dog. NewsNow Classifieds. Temperament and behavior are also shaped by raising and training. It's thought of as a puppy disease and often clears up on its own. Provide them with tough, durable toys. We believe in and strive for an all-round dog; functional conformation, temperament, soundness, intelligence and physical ability. A DNA test is available to identify dogs that are carriers, affected, or clear of the defective gene. Because some health problems don't appear until a dog reaches full maturity, health clearances aren't issued to dogs younger than 2 years old. il my bull terrier. Friendliness toward dogs and friendliness toward humans are two completely different things. This breed needs a confident trainer who is consistent and firm but also loving. Do you have neighbors nearby? The Stafford is suitable for families with children, but despite his much vaunted patience and gentleness, he should always be supervised in the presence of toddlers or young children. Health clearances prove that a dog's been tested for and cleared of a particular condition. Dogs with this condition are usually euthanized at an early age. See All of Michele's Best-Selling Dog Books, 11 Things You Must Do Right To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy, Homemade Dog Food Delivered To Your House, Puppy Training Schedule: What To Teach, and When, Solve Behavior Problems By Teaching Your Dog To Respect You, Looks like a small Pit Bull -- compact, muscular, and powerful, Looks imposing and stands firmly on the ground with boldness and confidence, so makes an effective deterrent, but is usually friendly with people, Is energetic and high-spirited and thrives on vigorous athletic activities, Has a sleek easy-groom coat that comes in many colors, Legal liabilities (public perception, future breed bans, insurance problems, increased chance of lawsuits), Potential aggression toward other animals, Strong-willed mind of his own, requiring a confident owner who can take charge, You can avoid some negative traits by choosing an ADULT dog from an, If you want a puppy, you can avoid some negative traits by choosing the, Finally, you can avoid some negative traits by. To avoid gastric dilatation volvulus, also known as bloat, withhold food and water for at least an hour after vigorous exercise. This breed gets along well with children and rough play does not bother it. A Stafford will ignore the shock if he sees another dog approaching his territory, and the lack of a solid barrier means that other dogs can enter the yard, which can lead to a serious fight. In SBTs, you should expect to see health clearances on both parents from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals for hips and elbows, and from the Canine Eye Registry Foundation, certifying that the eyes are healthy. Pedigree information about the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Walstaff Tigre Tigrato 3. "Why walk when you can run and play games?" Dogs who were bred for jobs that require decision making, intelligence, and concentration, such as herding livestock, need to exercise their brains, just as dogs who were bred to run all day need to exercise their bodies. Staffords love children, but despite their nickname of "nanny dog," they should not double as a baby-sitter. Also called demodicosis, it can be localized or generalized. Skin Allergies: Also known as atopic dermatitis, this itchy, scratchy condition is sometimes seen in certain Staffords. Do you have young kids, throw lots of dinner parties, play in a garage band, or lead a hectic life? 16 talking about this. It possesses tremendous stamina, tenacity, and intelligence. Enrolling him in a puppy kindergarten class is a great start. In other words, you must teach your Staffordshire Bull Terrier to respect you. DogTime participates in the Chewy affiliate program to earn fees for linking to products on More traits and characteristics of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Meet the breed’s needs, and you’ll have a faithful, adoring member of the family. This doesn't mean that every dog of that breed will develop those diseases; it just means that they're at an increased risk. They are also characteristically friendly toward strangers. Sometimes it's easier to train your puppy (or adult dog) when you can see the correct training techniques in action. Staffords love to chew, especially during puppyhood. The good news is that the mite can't be passed to humans or other dogs. There are four grades of patellar luxation, ranging from grade I, an occasional luxation causing temporary lameness in the joint, to grade IV, in which the turning of the tibia is severe and the patella cannot be realigned manually. Without enough exercise, these breeds may put on weight and vent their pent-up energy in ways you don't like, such as barking, chewing, and digging. Visit many different dog-friendly stores, parks, and events. : Gruppo 3 Terrier Sezione 3 Terrier di tipo bull (gamba lunga) Senza prova di lavoro ASPETTO GENERALE Cane a pelo liscio, ben proporzionato, di grande forza per la sua taglia. If you've got a laid-back attitude toward slobber, fine; but if you're a neatnik, you may want to choose a dog who rates low in the drool department. His short face makes the Staffordshire Bull Terrier unsuited to staying outdoors for more than a few minutes in a hot or humid climate, and he should always have access to shade and fresh drinking water. A low-vigor dog, on the other hand, has a more subdued approach to life. Adding Glyde Mobility Chews to their routine can help their joints stay healthy. Although a playful pup sounds endearing, consider how many games of fetch or tag you want to play each day, and whether you have kids or other dogs who can stand in as playmates for the dog. This video is unavailable. Your dog's energy level can also be affected by health issues. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier can be an imposing dog with its strong, muscular body, intense stare, and powerful stance. Dogs are individuals, just like people, and they don't all need the same amount of food. The Stafford needs early socialization, especially if you want him to be friendly toward other animals. When picking a breed, consider your own activity level and lifestyle, and think about whether you'll find a frisky, energetic dog invigorating or annoying. L-2 Hydroxyglutaric Aciduria: Affected dogs lack a particular enzyme to break down the aforementioned compound. With his short, broad head and muscular body, he resembles the other bull breeds such as American Staffordshire Terriers and American Pit Bull Terriers, but he is a breed unto himself with distinct physical characteristics that set him apart, including size and ear shape. The American Staffordshire Terrier shares much in common with the American Pit Bull Terrier. An expert researcher and author of 15 books about dogs, she loves helping people choose, train, and care for their dogs. Go with a low-sensitivity dog. Of course, males do tend to be bigger than the females. Provide the strongest chew toys you can find to keep his powerful jaws busy and as an alternative to furniture. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a fun-loving character that loves playing with their family and friends. Quick Summary Below are a few quick comparisons between the two breeds. Expect to give this athletic and energetic dog a vigorous walk every day, as well as plenty of attention during downtime. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are not a breed that can be left outside alone or at home for long periods of time without human companionship. Staffordshire Bull Terriers in England: Peptenbulls. Despite their affectionate and playful nature, Staffies do best with experienced pet parents who can socialize them early and keep up with consistent training. The problem is that most dog training videos on the internet are worthless, because they use the wrong training method. Staffords stand 14 to 16 inches at the shoulder, with males being taller. Some breeds are brush-and-go dogs; others require regular bathing, clipping, and other grooming just to stay clean and healthy. Some dogs are simply easier than others; they take to training better and are fairly easygoing. All my Staffords have the sweetiest naturers and are great obedience and agility dogs. Fans love the Staffordshire Bull Terrier for his small to mediu… It comes in red, fawn, white, black, or blue, or any of these colors with white, as well as brindle or brindle with white. Dogtime is a property of TotallyHer Media, LLC, an Evolve Media, LLC company. Good leash manners are essential to the state of your muscles, your own happiness, and your Stafford's safety. Plenty of small dogs are too high-energy and yappy for life in a high-rise. De er meget nysgerrige, sociale og yderst loyale over for ejer og familie. The following problems may occur in the breed: The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a companion dog who does well in any type of home as long as he gets daily exercise. Remember that even friendly dogs should stay on a good, strong leash like this one in public! Adding Glyde Mobility Chews to their routine can help their joints stay healthy. is his motto. The SBT is not recommended for a timid or first-time owner. It is important to research your city's dog by-laws to avoid the unnecessary seizure and destruction of your dog. Many are interested in the breed because it looks like a tough dog but are surprised to learn that the Stafford is a sensitive and loving companion who enjoys playing more than being tough. See Dogs Not Well Suited to Apartment Living, See Dogs Who Are Good For Experienced Owners, Click here to see Dogs Poorly Suited For Cold Weather, See Dogs Who Are Less Friendly To Strangers, Click Here To See Dogs Who Shed Very Little, Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of America. The Stafford's exercise requirements can be satisfied with two or three half-hour to one-hour walks or playtimes daily. And many hounds simply must follow their noses--or that bunny that just ran across the path--even if it means leaving you behind. It was created in the early nineteenth century to be smaller and faster in the fighting ring, yet gentle and friendly toward people. Dogs with hip dysplasia should not be bred. They need firm, patient, consistent training. Mantello: bicolore, uniforme, tigrato; Razze simili . Dirt brushes out easily, and the coat dries quickly after a bath. Underground electronic fences are not suitable for this breed. If you're going to share your home with a dog, you'll need to deal with some level of dog hair on your clothes and in your house. Some breeds do fine with a slow evening stroll around the block. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are protective of family members, but they are not too concerned about property. Choose the middle-of-the-road puppy, not the one who's beating up his littermates or the one who's hiding in the corner. Their love of a good game is rivaled only by their need for human companionship. All Staffordshire Bull Terrier found here are from AKC-Registered parents. Staffordshire bull terrier tigrato. Dogs who like to chase need to be leashed or kept in a fenced area when outdoors, and you'll need a high, secure fence in your yard. Dimensioni: tra 30 e 40 cm. Se stai pensando di adottare un cane di razza con queste caratteristiche, sarà importante informarti per conoscere le sue caratteristiche fisiche e caratteriali, sapere come deve essere educato e di quali attenzioni specifiche ha bisogno per vivere felice e a lungo. If you are consistent and follow a schedule, housetraining comes easily to the Stafford. Engage his mind with training sessions or fun activities. This "buff little dude" is a stable, confident dog who needs supervision and control from an owner who can match his intelligence. These breeds generally aren't a good fit for homes with smaller pets that can look like prey, such as cats, hamsters, or small dogs. Please call me or text me for faster responses. First, look down at him. He's a companion dog and thrives in the presence of his family. He requires rigorous exercise as an outlet for his energy and to maintain his splendid muscle tone. Pag. If you are located in Plymouth, England, Peptenbulls might be a breeder for you. Small, delicate, and potentially snappy dogs such as Chihuahuas aren't always so family-friendly. To help keep your home a little cleaner, you can find a great de-shedding tool here! These breeds do best when a family member is home during the day or if you can take the dog to work. With proper training, consistency, and socialization, your Stafford will be a wonderful family member who protects and loves you unconditionally. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a British breed of short-haired terrier of medium size. If you're buying a puppy, find a good breeder who will show you health clearances for both your puppy's parents. You can find Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppies priced from $150 USD to $3000 USD with one of our credible breeders. Affiliate Disclosure: Evolve Media LLC, and its owned and operated websites may receive a small commission from the proceeds of any product(s) sold through affiliate and direct partner links. Brush your Stafford's teeth at least two or three times a week to remove tartar buildup and the accompanying bacteria. Easy-to-train dogs are more adept at forming an association between a prompt (such as the word "sit"), an action (sitting), and a consequence (getting a treat) very quickly. Lo Staffordshire Bull Terrier è un cane dal carattere allegro e positivo , perfetto per persone attive e dinamiche. Handle his paws frequently--dogs are touchy about their feet--and look inside his mouth and ears. Ottima genealogia, genitori controllati per le … Dogs with thick, double coats are more vulnerable to overheating. I recommend these dog training videos that are based on respect and leadership. This condition progresses rapidly, and dogs can be blind by 3 years of age. Common in most breeds during puppyhood and in Retriever breeds at all ages, mouthiness means a tendency to nip, chew, and play-bite (a soft, fairly painless bite that doesn't puncture the skin). Although they were created in 19th-century Britain to be a small, fast fighting dog, those days are long past. Drool-prone dogs may drape ropes of slobber on your arm and leave big, wet spots on your clothes when they come over to say hello. The people-oriented Stafford craves companionship and wants to be with you all the time. Explore 113 listings for Staffordshire bull terrier for sale at best prices. Our ratings are generalizations, and they're not a guarantee of how any breed or individual dog will behave. Copyright © 2000-2020 by Michele Welton. Teach your child never to approach any dog while he's sleeping or eating and not to try to take the dog's food away. Look for a reputable breeder who tests her breeding dogs to make sure they're free of genetic diseases that they might pass onto the puppies and who breeds for sound temperaments. Some dogs are perpetual puppies -- always begging for a game -- while others are more serious and sedate. Due to poor breeding practices, some breeds are prone to certain genetic health problems, such as hip dysplasia. He should live indoors, with access to a securely fenced yard. Dog training videos. The American Staffordshire Terrier, also known as the AmStaff or American Staffy is a medium-sized, short-coated American dog breed. Before you adopt a Staffie puppy be sure, you are dealing with a … Dogs from any breed can be good with children based on their past experiences, training on how to get along with kids, and personality. An anxious dog can be very destructive--barking, whining, chewing, and otherwise causing mayhem. You should be able to feel but not see his ribs without having to press hard. Puppy socialization classes are a great start, but socialization shouldn't end there. Many breeds are intelligent but approach training with a "What's in it for me?" Never use a crate as a place of punishment. Some dogs shed year-round, some "blow" seasonally, some do both, and some shed hardly at all. Some breeds are more free-spirited than others. Breeds with very short coats and little or no undercoat or body fat, such as Greyhounds, are vulnerable to the cold. Peso: tra 12 e 17 kg per i maschi e tra 11 e 15 kg per le femmine. Home > Dog Breed Reviews > Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier temperament, personality, training, behavior, pros and cons, advice, and information, by Michele Welton, Dog Trainer, Behavioral Consultant, Author of 15 Dog Books. When choosing a breed, think about how often the dog vocalizes with barks or howls. Staffordshire bull terrier for sale. This dog is brave, loving with children, and obedient. Hereditary Juvenile Cataracts: The development of opacity or cloudiness in the lens of the eye at an early age. Like all terriers, Staffords are diggers. Male Staffords weigh 28 to 38 pounds; females, 24 to 34 pounds. Even though these are purebred dogs, you may find them in the care of shelters and rescue groups. Historique de la race. Ask your vet about your dog's diet and what they recommend for feeding your pooch to keep them at a healthy weight. Fans love the Staffordshire Bull Terrier for his small to medium size, short, easy-care coat, and dynamic yet gentle personality. If you want a heat-sensitive breed, your dog will need to stay indoors with you on warm or humid days, and you'll need to be extra cautious about exercising your dog in the heat. Nicknamed the nanny dog, the Stafford is prized for his patience with and love of children, although it goes without saying that no dog should ever be left alone with young children or expected to double as a baby-sitter. The Stafford is known for his love of people and trustworthy nature. They're also resilient enough to bounce back from your mistakes or inconsistencies. As in humans, being overweight can cause health problems in dogs. Watch Queue Queue A DNA test is available to identify dogs that are carriers, affected, or clear of the defective gene. Reinforce the bottom of fences with concrete or chicken wire so they can't dig beneath them. Read more about Staffordshire Bull Terrier Training. Staffords are highly intelligent, but they are also freethinkers who like to do things their own way. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier has a short, smooth coat that lies close to the skin. Elenco degli allevamenti cinofili professionali e amatoriali e dei centri di selezione della razza Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Bergamo e … With proper socialization, he is friendly with everyone, yet makes a sensible watchdog. Adding Glyde Mobility Chews to your senior's routine can help fight the symptoms of arthritis and keep your old dog active and playful. Find Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Staffordshire Bull Terrier information.